We have prepared answers to the questions frequently asked about Cognitive Mill. Find an answer to your question in the list below.

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Generic questions

How can I start a free trial?

To start a free trial, you will have to sign in to Demo UI here with your email address or with Google. Create a new account to process your own videos. Then you will be given quotas to run your footage through Cognitive Mill.

What’s the pricing model for the Cognitive Mill cloud platform?

We charge per minute of video ingested into the platform. One minute of video processed costs $0.25-0.5. You can get a discounted price depending on the volume and frequency of processing.

Does Cognitive Mill process any type of video?

Your video should be encoded using the following codecs: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VC-1, VP-8, VP-9 (8/10/12 bit), H.264, H.265 (4:2:0/4:4:4) (8/10/12 bit).

Can I process my own footage?

Yes. To do that, you will need to create your account. You can find the list of required quotas for the currently available products and solutions in the Quotas section of the Getting Started guide.

How do I request quotas for processing?

After creating your own account (learn how to do it), the quotas will be given to you automatically. If it doesn’t happen, please contact us at support@aihunters.com.

Do I have to sign in to the demo account to integrate via API?

Yes, you do. You’ll have to create an account and get your authorization token at run.cognitivemill.com to send requests at api.cognitivemill.com.

Can I process live streams?

Yes, Cognitive Mill supports live stream video processing using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) open-source streaming protocol. Please view Live stream video processing for a step-by-step instruction on how to process a live stream.

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