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AIHunters and Tedial announce integration partnership to deliver UEFA highlights

AIHunters and Tedial announce integration partnership to deliver UEFA highlights

AIHunters is happy to unveil its latest partnership with Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, to deliver automated football highlights of UEFA Champions League 2021-2022!

AIHunters is leveraging its expertise in AI-based visual analysis to deliver the highlights of the UEFA Champions League with the power of the Cognitive Mill cloud platform fast and accurately. Custom computer vision algorithms created by AIHunters make it possible to precisely detect the most intense moments of the games completely automatically.

This integration with Tedial, which has proven experience of hundreds of third-party tool integrations, leverages Tedial’s SMARTLIVE Sport Production software for live events to ensure ease at any stage of the automated content delivery cycle. Additionally, the software guarantees seamless and hassle-free distribution to digital channels including YouTube, mobile TV, and linear channels.

Oleg Gubin, AIHunters CEO comments, “We were approached by Tedial for automated sports highlight reels creation from live broadcast streams. Cognitive Mill is going to process the media volume of 200 games in the season 2021-22, with up to 100 highlight reels created for each game.”

The cognitive automation value AIHunters delivers is:

  • Intelligent substitution of 2 full-time employees;
  • No expenses for idle time;
  • Guaranteed instant processing and publishing;
  • The Cloud’s SLA Availability up to 99%.

With that level of cognitive automation, we expect to continue processing LaLiga events and future UEFA events moving forward. We at AIHunters are hoping that the audience will benefit from the speed and the quality of the automated football highlights that will be delivered by AIHunters.”

Julian Fernandez-Campon, Tedial CTO comments, “AIHunters has shown their competence in computer vision-based live video analysis. There has been an ongoing pilot collaboration with AIHunters for some time during which we were refining the requirements and output. We were able to get just the quality and the speed of analysis that we were seeking.”

The AIHunters team hopes that our collaboration with Tedial will expand, and we’ll be able to tackle further challenges together to benefit the media and entertainment industry.

About Tedial

Since 2001, Tedial has brought greater business efficiency and value to global media companies with award-winning innovative, scalable, and productive media solutions that optimize media supply chain and content management operations. By clearly identifying the requirements of media companies and content owners as the media industry rapidly evolves, Tedial provides next-generation powerful toolsets and services that capably and cost-effectively allow companies to meet their operational requirements and business objectives, improve their customer experience, and remain ahead of their competition. The company’s Media Integration Platform, smartWork, is transforming and redefining media business efficiency and technology approaches by democratizing business processes, empowering users to define integrations autonomously – without vendor participation - and creating workflows in a creative and flexible manner for greater business agility. Tedial’s no-code architecture, which can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture unleashes creativity and revolutionizes productivity for non-technical users.

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