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Automated video summarization

Reach your audience beyond your main platform with automated video summarizations of long-form content. Share the automatically created clips on social media, use them for advertisements, or make teasers, luring the viewers to indulge in more.

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Automated video summarization captures the content’s essence

Advanced Cognitive Computing technology enables the software to automatically analyze the video content and create short clips summarizing its essence. It looks at the visuals with the help of pattern analysis and probabilistic AI to figure out the context of the footage, pinpoint the most important parts, and cut them into a comprehensive video summary.

Intelligent video summary generator for the media industry

Video summary

Have automated software produce a short video summary of long-form content. The software relies on complex AI tech to simulate the way humans understand video, which provides your editors with a comprehensive short clip.

Text summary

Along with the video clip, the solution automatically generates a text summary with attention to context. You get not only the summary that contains the gist of the story but also the major subjects and notions of said story.

Topic list

Our automated video summarizer creates a list of topics and corresponding keywords found in the video content. That is a great way to automatically sort your content for more convenient access.

Entities and keywords

Apart from the video clip and the text summary, you also receive a list of people’s names, locations, cultural notions, companies, and other things of interest. It allows for easier labeling and automatic filtering of clips.

Tame the power of AI for top-notch video analysis

Thorough context analysis

The software relies on the cocktail of digital image processing, computer vision, and deep learning to dissect the footage and get an idea of what's happening there.

Advanced decision-making

Sophisticated math modeling techniques allow the tool to identify the segments and scenes that represent the most important points of the footage.

Content production automation

The solution automatically cuts the segments and compiles them into a comprehensive video summary of the original content much quicker than a human editor would.

No text-to-speech trickery. Just full enterprise-grade automation of every step of summary production

We strive to go beyond regular speech recognition capabilities that offer a dataset of keywords and a text summary of everything that was said in the video:

Regular video summary solution

  • Transcribes the speech into the text;
  • Highlights the keywords;
  • Your editors mark the areas to leave out;
  • The software applies the changes from text to a video summary.


  • Analyzes the footage itself;
  • Identifying the most important parts;
  • Compiles them into a video summary;
  • Provides text analysis to make sure no phrases get cut off.

Fully automate the post-production process for any type of video content

We offer top-shelf Artificial Intelligence technology that is not just a gimmick that juggles speech recognition algorithms. CognitiveMill™ actually understands the video content you feed to it and delivers coherent video summaries.

Here’s what you can create video summaries for:

It’s like a human employee that can see, think, and make decisions.
But a robot. But it’s digital, so you won’t have to change the oil.

Made to serve the media and entertainment industry

We have built CognitiveMill™ to solve the production issues media and entertainment companies experience on a daily basis. Our solutions optimize workflows by introducing automation pipelines that take over tedious tasks.

Share the video summaries of your content all over the internet, encouraging the viewers to find the original long-form goodness.

Optimize the process of summarizing video content with automation tools yet to be rivaled. Apply AI pipelines to cut down the production time and costs.

Create automated video summaries of news reports, interviews, and other programming to advertise on social media.

Produce automated video summarizations to tease analytics reports, player interviews, and press conferences to potential audiences.

Use AI technology to generate auto-previews and summaries of videos that you can advertise your content beyond the target platform.

Effectively promote the entirety of your video content catalog with the help of an automated video summarizer. Grow your audience while slashing the costs.

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