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Automated Movie Trailers Generation

Support your content library with automatically generated trailers. Save time and resources on manual production scaling the workflow over hundreds of movies, TV series, comedy specials, animated shows, and so on.

Leverage completely automated trailer generation by CognitiveReelz™ Movies. No data feeds or preliminary training required.

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AI-generated movie trailers that save you time and money

Powered by advanced cognitive computing technology, the solution goes through the video content with a human-like understanding of context, analyzing the plot, and identifying the most trailer-worthy moments.

Connotation awareness

Get trailers automatically cut from the content of any type and genre. AI decomposes the footage and gets a clear idea of the plot.

No additional data sources required

AI pulls the data from the footage itself. It doesn’t need screenplay extracts or any other external data feeds.

Human-like decision-making

The AI imitates the way the human brain works, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize content production.

Variety of customization options

Create all kinds of trailers to suit your content and marketing needs. Support the library, promote new additions — you have the tools now.

Crazy fast

Our AI chews through hours of footage in 5 minutes and generates trailers much faster than a human editor.

Complete workflow automation

Optimize your video production workflow and scale it over the whole content library. The same accuracy. Increased speed.

AI-generated trailers to enrich the viewing experience

Increase audience engagement rates with rich content. Quickly make a trailer of the newest TV series to draw attention to your OTT platform. Get hundreds of minutes of video analyzed and cut into a trailer with no effort whatsoever!

Make several different trailers that tease the movie as the release approaches.

Create trailer sequences for movies and TV series that have none of their own.

Differentiate episode previews to cater to a variety of target audiences.

Take your content game up a notch with automated trailer generation

Now every content you have in your library can have a trailer of its own. Get the platform set up and have all of the necessary trailers generated completely automatically.

Here’s the examples of automated trailer generation delivered by CognitiveReelz™ Movies

Trailer for the Silicon Valley episode
Trailer for the Squid Game episode
The queen’s gambit episode trailer
Spenser trailer
No time to die trailer
Forrest Gump trailer
Sex and the city episode trailer
Trailer for the Squid Game episode
The queen’s gambit episode trailer
Spenser trailer
No time to die trailer
Forrest Gump trailer
Sex and the city episode trailer
Trailer for the Silicon Valley episode
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Scalable cloud solution that allows for care-free viewing experience

Get yourself a cloud platform that:

  • Creates trailers from any type of content: films, TV shows, cartoons, comedy specials, or documentaries;
  • Saves editors’ time: AI analyzes hours of footage and compiles a trailer in seconds;
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into your production pipeline: now wonky UI or settings panels;
  • Scales over hundreds of video minutes retaining its speed and accuracy;
  • Adjustable to suit any purposes of the Media and Entertainment industry.
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Targeting Media and Entertainment use cases

CognitiveReelz™ has been created exclusively for the likes of the Media and Entertainment industry. AI-based automation allows you to slash the hours editors spend in front of the screens while achieving greater efficiency.


Expand your reach across audiences with better marketing and viewing experience.


Get some traction with AI trailers not only for movies but any type of programming.

TV channels

Tease upcoming programs or TV episodes with automatically generated trailers.

Media Producers

Save resources on manual production. The result is the same, but quicker.

Sports Leagues

Keep the hype up after the game is over with highlight compilations or draw the audience for upcoming events.


Cover your content library with trailers for viewers to enjoy.

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