Cognitive Computing Cloud Platform For Media And Entertainment

A single human-like system for comprehensive industry automation.

The power of brain-inspired AI to enable informed decisions about content via video analysis.

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Intelligent, automated, scalable video analysis

We develop and adapt AI and cognitive science and pack them into the unique technology framework. It is specifically designed for intelligent M&E industry automation by processing movies, sports, shows, TV channels, user-generated content, and more with the human level of comprehension.

Unseen contextual understanding
No third-party data required
Specifically designed for the M&E
Proprietary technology application
Brain-inspired computer vision
Anticipating tomorrow’s demand

Automate your content editing and post-production

Our Cognitive Computing Cloud enhances business efficiency, productiveness and data analysis by leveraging Probabilistic AI, Machine Perception, Cognitive Neurodynamics and Brain-Inspired Computer Vision.

Automate editing and post-production, media quality control, compliance, piracy checks, meta enrichment and scene indexing. Take control of the routine your staff faces to free up the time for creativity.

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Media insights. At scale

Our business solution accuracy nears human comprehension — and beats it in speed, scaling, and automation.

What you get is pure knowledge retrieved from the visuals to help you make informed decisions.

We guarantee safe decisions that are delivered extremely fast.

Transforming How Decisions Get Made

Cognitive Computing transforms how decisions get made by working with data in a manner previously associated only with humans.

It includes individual technologies that perform specific tasks by that facilitating and augmenting human intelligence.

Benefit from the AI-enabled intelligence

Our cloud platform ensures scalable intelligence for the Media and Entertainment market automation.

We offer ready-to-go API integration for great loads — as well as a convenient user-facing tool so you can see how it works.

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Boost your video content processing by automating the most tedious parts of manual work
Deliver processed content to various channels in seconds
Understand the whole video context, not just objects
Scale across growing number of the industry use cases

Put your service in the viewer’s spotlight!

Specifically designed to cover the Media and Entertainment needs, Cognitive Mill™ is a cognitive computing cloud platform scalable for hundreds of hours of media processing daily.

By leveraging the complex algorithms of cognitive computing, our platform significantly saves money (up to 5x) and time (up to 50x) spent on video processing by reducing the working time of such customers as:


Leverage the power of Cognitive Automation to boost your content processing. Solve all the corresponding tasks tenfold faster with the Cognitive Mill™ cloud platform.


Cloud infrastructure scalable over hundreds of hours of media processing daily. Reliable and specifically created for the media and entertainment industry increasing loads.

TV Channels

Ensure the exceptional video content consumption experience for your viewers with the Cognitive Automation by Cognitive Mill™.

Media Producers

Get rid of hours of tedious manual video content processing. Your media editing and post-production operations can be automated by Cognitive Mill™ AI.

Sports Leagues

Scalable cloud infrastructure to master on-the-go processing of live events. Our Cloud’s speed and intellectuality will help you to outrun the competition in the era when content is the king.


Increase your user retention rates by boosting your viewer engagement with our AI-powered tools. Leverage AI-based automation for extended OTT experience.

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