Media and Entertainment Cognitive Computing Cloud

A single comprehensive media system extendable to any use case from the Media and Entertainment industry. A human brain-inspired AI core. The power of augmented intelligence to analyze and decide upon all video content.

Media Insights.
At Scale.

Transforming How Decisions Get Made.

The cloud’s decision accuracy nears the one of a human. And beats it manyfold in speed, scaling capabilities and automation.

It’s different.

It’s Interactive. It’s Adaptive.

  • Unseen contextual understanding
  • No data feed needed
  • Flexible and fully customizable
  • Brain-inspired computer vision
  • Proprietary technology application
  • Anticipating tomorrow’s demand

Benefit From The Intelligence.


  • Understand the whole video context not just objects
  • Scale your video delivery pipelines by automating the most tedious parts of manual work
  • Deliver in seconds
  • Across growing number of use cases from the industry

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