About the Cloud

The human brain permanently collects information and compares it with the internal representations about the world. This is sometimes conscious but most of the time it is an unconscious process. Neisser (1976) called this process the Cognitive Mill. The metaphor can be used to describe the way in which the external world and internal world are aligned. Objectively given information and internally given information are continuously updating each other via actions or stimuli.

Why did we create Cognitive Mill?

There is a need for the analysis of multi-dimensional complex data from the entertainment domain to slash costs and time of media processing.

Human can’t rely on machine for video understanding. A machine is trained for seeing and recognising, but not understanding and decision-making.

What are we doing?

We are building a virtual media ‘robot’ in cloud that watches, understands and decides upon all video content. We achieve this by applying heavily math-dependent ai concepts to complex multi-dimensional data.

How are we doing it?

By combining innovation with proprietary tech.

We leverage:

  • Machine perception
  • Probabilistic AI
  • Cognitive neurodynamics
  • Brain-inspired computer vision

One system. Various use cases

We are building the universal AI core that is able to meet the industry needs in terms of scalability and cognitive performance enhancement.

Use cases:

  • Auto-editing and post-production
  • Plagiarism and piracy check
  • Scene-level Indexing and timeline search
  • Ads detection and replacement
  • Timeline/scene meta generation
  • Content compliance and QC

Why is it different?

Our approach has no analogs in the world, as our system:

  • Ensures the full contextual understanding
  • Has flexible and customizable configuration
  • Is not limited to the predefined use cases
  • Anticipates the future industry demand

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