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We are giving a demo at IBC 2022 on M&E robotization. Come see it!

We are giving a demo at IBC 2022 on M&E robotization. Come see it!

As we already told you a million times, we are going to IBC 2022.

Now, let us tell you about what we are going to do there.

Oleg Gubin, the Co-Founder of AIHunters, will hold a demo “Target — an era of M&E robotization with CognitiveMill™”, showcasing the best way to handle video content production.

Catch it at Innovation Stage on September 11, 13:00!

Give your media production a boost with AI-powered automation

CognitiveMill™ applies the best practices of Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to pick apart every single frame of the footage, understand the very context, and make decisions based on the widest pool of information.

Before, only humans could do that. Now, machines can too.

Wanna know how you can get a 50x increase in effectiveness and 5x cost reduction?

Come on down to our demo!

We will show you the Cognitive Cloud Computing platform — a suite of 8 solutions that facilitate a variety of editing tasks. The platform leverages advanced tech built by our AI scientists to literally dissect any type of footage you got, extract the information.

Then the solutions can use that information to each do their own thing.

Come and see what we got for you!


  • Generating sports highlights;
  • Cutting trailers and making contextual thumbnails;
  • Checking for plagiarism and piracy;
  • Tracking distribution;
  • Summarizing videos automatically.


  • Post-production automation;
  • Skipping opening/closing credits;
  • EPG correction;
  • Cast management;
  • Contextual ad delivery.


  • Upgraded recommendations;
  • Inappropriate content filtering;
  • Enriched viewing experience.

Catch our team at Booth 5.G40, CE Hall

We are joining Oxagile, an experienced system integrator and our partner. Together, we are set on offering you unmatched OTT production experience.

Don’t forget — 5.G40 stand.

See ya!

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