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Automated video clipping with AI

Compile your video automatically with the help of our AI-based video editing solution.

If you need your video split, merged, сut, and more without any manual fuss — MediaMill™ is here for you.

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Cut, split, merge the video the way you want

Not only do the Cognitive Mill™ solutions analyze, understand, and choose the most relevant parts of a video. But can also smoothly generate the final video for you with the help of our MediaMill™ product! All of this in a completely automatic mode and saving long hours of relentless editing.

This is how fast and seamless automated video generation by MediaMill™ works.

Benefit from the intelligent media automation

No more spending hours and hours on manual editing! Speed up your production by automated media compilation. Our AI-based video clipping solution will let you focus on the creative process by doing the boring part.

Here’s how MediaMill™ can boost your daily business workflows:

Processing and compilation on the go

Run your AI-based video analysis process in our system and generate the final edited video in no time.

Fast and automated

Speed up your video editing process tenfold by automated video splitting, merging, and editing.

Highly customizable

You can add or remove segments from your video as well as insert logos, intro sequences, and more.

Instant social media adaptation

Automatically crop a video to the popular 9:16 social media aspect ratio, ready for sharing.

Fast and easy media generation

Split video automatically, leave the unnecessary parts out, merge it back into a consistent story. Automatically and without using any third-party software

There’re two different ways of using our automated video clipping software. You can either:

Run your video through our system using the type of processing that you need (movie trailers, sports highlights, cropping to portrait orientation). Cognitive Mill™ will define the parts that need to be cut out or merged. Then you can easily generate your final video with MediaMill™.

Or you can ingest your own pre-processed video with a corresponding JSON file — and our system will automatically generate a video according to your requirements. Instead of cutting and merging a video manually.

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Let your viewers enjoy the best

Sports highlights

Let our cognitive computing-based algorithms decide what constitutes a perfect sports highlight and deliver it to you by automated media generation.

Movie trailers

Our AI picks the best scenes from a movie or an episode. But you don’t have to merge those pieces manually — let MediaMill™ handle this for you.

Cropping to mobile formats

Cropped video to 9:16 format automatically to download it or share in social media in just seconds. Put your business on top of the game.

Nudity filtering

Аilter adult content out аutomatically to secure your platform. Cut the inappropriate video segments out in no time with our automated video editing solution.

Cast management

Generate a clip with the characters that you like. Create sports highlight reels with your favorite player. At the click of a button.

Streamline your editing workflow with our AI

Our intelligent media generator is specifically designed to meet the needs of ever speeding content creation and distribution.


Specifically created for the media and entertainment industry, our automated video clipping solution will allow you to speed up routine editing operations at scale.


Automatically edit the videos you’re broadcasting. Cut the unnecessary parts, glue video sequences together, generate the final video effortlessly with MediaMill™.

Sports Leagues

Create spectacular AI-based sports highlights with no manual work needed. Crop it into vertical formats and share it with your viewers through social media instantly.

Media Producers

Don’t spend your precious time on routine actions like trimming and merging video. Let MediaMill™ handle this with our automated video clipping solution.

OTT platforms

Easily cover vast volumes of content that need editing to fit your platform. Our automated video cutting, merging, and trimming software will do this job for you.


Spare your editor’s time by leveraging our automated video clipping solution!

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