MediaMill™ enables you to generate content based on video analysis performed by CognitiveMill™. You get a movie — boom — here’s a trailer. Take a sports event footage — voila — get a highlight reel.

No more countless hours in the editing room for your production team: just run the analysis through the CognitiveMill™+MediaMill™ bundle or take a JSON file straight to the latter. Get your videos split, merged, cut, and compiled completely automatically — in the matter of seconds.

Intelligent media automation to the rescue

Spend less time on editing by augmenting human editors with advanced workflow powered by innovative cognitive computing technology.

Here’s what your business can gain from MediaMill™:

Video analysis and generation

You feed the system your video. It does its AI analysis magic. You get the final edited video generated in no time.

Time-effective automation

Split, merge, and edit videos completely automatically and cut your production hours.

Precise customization

Have the videos come out your way: add or remove video segments, customize configuration, add logos and transitions.

Social media adaptation

Automatically adapt your clips for social media by cropping them to a mobile friendly portrait aspect ratio. Then share them. Profit.

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