Ensure an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience. Improve the audience engagement with the video content by eliminating non-essential parts.

Improve viewers retention rate with CognitiveSkip™

Provide your viewers with consistent stories with all of the unnecessary parts out.

Accurate end-credits detection

CognitiveSkip™ analyzes TV shows and movies to detect where opening/end credits begin and end — to help viewers skip them without losing the gist of the story. It analyzes the visual dynamics, their relevance, and the level of interest to determine if the credits are safe to skip.

Context-aware detection

In some cases, the film does not end when the credits start to roll — there might be an epilogue, a blooper reel, or a post-credits scene teasing the sequel. CognitiveSkip™ accurately identifies parts belonging to the story and makes sure the viewers see them by allowing them to skip the credits right to the particular scene.

Smart EPG correction for TV channels

Make sure that your Electronic Programming Guide works as it should. CognitiveSkip™ processes the footage to identify what content is being aired to display the relevant information on the EPG.

Scalable deployment

Save the hours of manual work by scaling the platform over thousands of minutes of video content. CognitiveSkip™ chews through millions of movie frames on a daily basis without sacrificing the results.

Product-based solutions

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