Automated moving graphics detection for live broadcasts. Detect opening and closing graphic sequences with the highest precision. Computer vision-based service for the cases where neural networks become redundant.

Automate your post-production with CognitiveShapes™!

Easily find moving graphic images in every stream.

Detect sports replays

For the precise sports and brands graphic detection during the broadcast, we leverage Computer Vision algorithms aimed at graphic overlays monitoring. Our AI-based stream monitoring tool makes it easy to find all the needed repetitive moving graphics to make replay compilations.

Find ad units

Our lightweight visual monitoring tool automatically detects ads in live streams and archives. By leveraging Computer Vision and geometrical assessment, CognitiveShapes™ ensures frame-perfect ad detection. You can cut in-stream ad units or replace them with more relevant ones with a click of a button.

Mark opening and closing graphics

Detect opening and closing sequences for any TV show, movie, sports event, and so on. Let your viewers safely skip it — or replace it with something more relevant without missing a single frame.

Unique M&E understanding

Our moving graphic dynamic analysis algorithms are specifically designed for the Media and Entertainment industry. We know how to scale production with the help of intelligent automation by CognitiveShapes™.

Product-based solutions

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