CognitiveReelz™ Sports

AI-powered sports highlights and media summarization for any media use case. Our context-aware algorithms drill down video content to achieve its profound understanding with intelligent video clustering.

No additional side data feed is required.

Automate your highlights and trailers production with CognitiveReelz™ Sports

It doesn’t matter whether you want to get movie highlights or a soccer game summarization — our algorithms are ready to meet your needs today.

Sports highlight reels

Our level of visual understanding allows us to decompose a game and create an appealing highlight of it. Choose one of the scenarios developed by us (high drama moments, summarization, player performance, etc.) or create your custom highlight scenario. Either live or from archives — it will only take up to 5 minutes to create a game highlight reel.

Contextual understanding

CognitiveReelz™ Sports works with an abundance of sports genres. You don’t have to waste days re-training the algorithm: the product thoroughly analyzes the visuals to make sense of them and identify highlight-worthy moments. Scene decomposition provides more consistent results than object tracking or audio analysis.

Effortless setup and scalability

CognitiveReelz™ Sports has no complex UI that you have to learn in order to use effectively. It can be easily integrated into your current production pipeline, making the transition as seamless as possible. We can also cover whatever scale you’re working at, processing hundreds of video minutes on a daily basis.

Esports tournaments highlights

Save your viewer’s time by creating engaging highlights of what’s important in an online tournament. AI-generated esports highlights can help you beat the competition in such time-sensitive scenarios as online video game highlights delivery and power up your production with our ultra-scalable cloud infrastructure.

Product-based solutions

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