CognitiveReelz™ Movies

Leverage the power of cognitive computing to create movie trailers.

Innovative technology allows the product to make sense of the movie’s plot and effectively produce coherent trailers. We imitate the way a human perceives the video content, and beat it in speed.

Boost the effectiveness of your trailer production with CognitiveReelz™ Movies

With an automated trailer production, you gain a ton of wiggle room in terms of video content strategy. Let’s see what you can gain from implementing cognitive business automation.

Automated trailer generation

CognitiveReelz™ Movies analyzes the movie and actually understands the story structure, distinguishing the most important moments. You need no external data feeds, no screenplay extracts, no time tags: just feed the system a movie and get a trailer in minutes.

Adaptive content production

Create different trailers to tease the movie as it approaches release on its platform. You can target different audiences with content created specifically for a certain group of viewers. All it takes is a couple of tweaks in CognitiveReelz™ Movies — your human editor can stay focused on more important tasks.

Effective integration

CognitiveReelz™ Movies is not a separate piece of software that requires a month-long onboarding session. It seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow of any scale through the API and requires little or no setup. You know — it’s a plug-and-play kind of thing.

CognitiveMill™ ecosystem

Benefit from the entire ecosystem of CognitiveMill™ products. Create a trailer, tag cast members in the footage, and crop the video from landscape to portrait aspect ratio fit for social media — all of that and more completely automatically.

Product-based solutions

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