Precise nudity detection technology for broadcasters, OTT platforms, TV channels, and sports leagues. Fully-automated process content moderation workflows that can be seamlessly integrated into your pipeline.

Safeguard your viewers with CognitiveNude™

Boost the effectiveness of your video production and benefit from top-notch content moderation.

Nudity detection

Get an automated solution to analyze video content and identify unsafe scenes. Use frame-precise video clustering technology that improves the efficiency of nudity detection to protect your viewers from inappropriate imagery.

Automated adult content editing

Upon reviewing the nude content, CognitiveNude™ does not just present you with a probability score. It comes up with a complete decision whether the reviewed footage contains nudity. In addition to that, you can configure it to automatically edit the adult content: apply the blur, or cut it out.

Nude content filtering over a variety of genres

CognitiveNude™ works with all kinds of video content. Whether it is a TV series, a movie, a sporting event, or even clips that people share on social media — you will be able to easily analyze it and make sure that it is safe for your core audience.

Scalable and fast moderation

Moderate hundreds of minutes of videos from several sources using the scalable cloud platform. Detect nudity in numerous pieces of footage coming from various sources to speed up your video production process and eliminate any mistakes.

Product-based solutions

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