Automatically crop the video from landscape to portrait aspect ratio. Expand your reach across social media with content optimized for the mobile experience.

Grow your social media presence with CognitiveCrop™

Here’s how you can make your video content more suitable for social media.

Automated video cropping

CognitiveCrop™ crops any footage from landscape to portrait aspect ratio completely automatically. You do not need to adjust the crop — the tool imitates the human focus to identify the salient content of the video, so you can be sure that it does not miss important shots.

Adaptive to any content type

CognitiveCrop™ can recognize salient content of the video of any genre and type to crop it for social media. Make mobile-friendly TV show or movie trailers, share the best moments of sporting events, or hype up the newest comedy special — the tool will correctly crop any video.

Seamless pipeline integration

You do not need another UI to learn how to navigate. We integrate CognitiveCrop™ through API so that it would seamlessly fit in with your video production workflows. No switching between several pieces of software — the tool works as a part of your first-party setup.

Streamlined sharing on social media

Apart from adapting the video for mobile devices, CognitiveCrop™ allows you to easily share the content on whatever social media you desire. You can cut the hours of social media management with an automatic posting feature and dedicate resources towards more urgent tasks.

Product-based solutions

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