Automated celebrity recognition metadata sorting and management to power up streaming services. Scale your operation by obtaining limitless automation. Power up the viewing experience for movies, TV shows, news, sports, and more.

Get informed AI-based decisions for your OTT platform, broadcast, or any other streaming service.

Engage audiences with celebrity-related content delivered by CognitiveCast™

Automated, intelligent, and highly scalable media library processing serving for:

Powering up recommendations

Gather all celebrity appearances in various shows and movies. Leverage our cognitive computing-based decisions to group the celebrity recognition metadata in clusters. Integrate it directly into your platform.

Boosting engagement rates

Your viewers won’t have to leave your platform to find the information about their favorite actors and characters because CognitiveCast™ has got it covered. We link content bits to each other automatically.

Full list of highlights

Automatically list all the most engaging scenes with a celebrity on your platform. Let our AI run through your intensive library and gather all the content insights automatically — saving you time and sanity.

Unique M&E understanding

CognitiveCast™ is specifically created for the Media and Entertainment industry, knowing where the bottlenecks are and how to eliminate them. Our super-scalable cloud platform has got your service covered.

Product-based solutions

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