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AIHunters finds a strategic partner in DDG AG for the expansion to the European market

AIHunters finds a strategic partner in DDG AG for the expansion to the European market

DDG AG, an expert for the development and commercialization of digital, technology-driven innovations and data-driven products and business models, with a focus on the field of Artificial Intelligence becomes a strategic partner of AIHunters. The agreement has been finalized today — and the cooperation has been brought into its full power.

AIHunters offers its unique cognitive computing-based platform to reinvent post-processing pipelines in the media and entertainment industry by a significant reduction of manual work through automation.

DDG AG sees a huge potential for AI-supported innovation in the M&E sector (including all, directly and indirectly, related industries). Especially the M&E sector has experienced significant pressure in recent years from "software-first" players like Netflix, Amazon Video, and AppleTV+.

AIHunters, with its platform, Cognitive Mill, has an ingenious software suite that significantly reduces the barriers to entry for AI-based cognitive automation for traditional M&E providers. DDG has found a powerful partner in AIHunters and the highly skilled team around Oleg Gubin, enabling DDG to bundle and further develop its M&E activities.

Combined with DDG's commercialization and business modeling excellence, and building on the traction already successfully gained by the team, DDG will also drive much-needed AI-based innovation to the M&E market in German-speaking countries. Ultimately, we would like to hereby favor a free, powerful, and heterogeneous media landscape in Europe.”, explains Philipp Schramm, COO DDG AG.

“It’s my pleasure to announce that AIHunters has found a trusted strategic partner in DDG and we will be moving forward together in our mission to automate the most tedious and time-consuming tasks with the help of AI.

DDG has established a significant foothold in the European media and entertainment market, which opens up new opportunities for market expansion for us. Being a technology-first company, AIHunters relies on DDG for providing meaningful guidance around commercialization and go-to-market strategy — especially for the German-speaking countries. And AIHunters contributes by offering its unique product for market innovation in its turn.

We are excited to become more available for our customers on the European market, closer to them.”, says Oleg Gubin, CEO AIHunters.

AIHunters plans to open a local office in Germany as the next step of the collaboration. DDG sees vast potential in adding AIHunter’s weight to its portfolio to strengthen and expand the German next-gen AI ecosystem.

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