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Seamless viewing experience with native video ads

Seamless viewing experience with native video ads

TV advertising comes in as the second-largest advertising platform in the world, the top spot is held by the all-mighty internet.

And it’s surely no surprise for anybody: ads on the web have proven to be much more appropriate and useful to the consumers thanks to all of the data that goes into constructing native video ads and delivering them to the right consumer at the right moment.

But there is a way to provide useful native ads within the video playback for TV and OTT content. Let’s talk about how dynamic video ad insertion helps with that.

What is dynamic ad insertion?

Let’s remember how traditional advertising on television works. During the broadcast, each and every show has ad breaks, during which the viewers are presented with promotional content.

With pre-recorded content like TV shows or movies, those breaks are pre-determined. When it comes to live content like news updates or sporting events, breaks are decided by the producers.

The problem with those ads is that they are basically the same for all of the viewers.

Do all of them need to know about some cat food or cough syrup? Don’t care. Put it up.

Another problem is inaccurate ad placement, which results in cutaways that do not make any sense.

Here’s where dynamic ad insertion can improve things. It lets advertisers or broadcasters swap the ad content and change its positioning within the video stream.

Make your campaign more effective by delivering the right ads to the right audience.

Ad insertion solves two problems of regular advertising:

- Ad placement. Broadcasters and advertisers get more freedom in terms of the exact ad placement. The automated ad insertion tool can analyze the video content, understand its context, and insert ad breaks without compromising the story flow;

- Ad content. They can also customize the ad content so that the viewers get ads that are more relevant to them. This way, the effectiveness of the campaign increases.

How does dynamic ad insertion work?

Placing a native advertisement on a website is easy, right? Pages have dedicated spaces for ad placement, and those ads can be easily customized to cater to the visitors.

But when it comes to the video content, it gets a little more tricky.

That's usually how it goes: you have to prepare the ad in advance and once you push it — it’s there.

But what if you want to change the placement of the ad?

If not done properly, the ad placement can break the pace of the story and irritate the viewers.

That’s where dynamic ad insertion comes in.

It uses advanced technology to recognize the best time to place a native ad in a way that does not affect the story flow.

Let’s take a sports broadcast to see how the tool works.

During the sporting event, advertisements are usually separated from the game with graphic overlays that open and close a particular ad segment.

We apply computer vision algorithms and an AI-based stream monitoring tool to find those repetitive moving graphics — and insert ads between them.

That allows you not only to insert advertisements, but also switch them — so you can put more relevant ones for different types of content. For example, sporting events might have sports-related ads, while a gadget show might feature an ad break promoting electronics.

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You can also take advantage of native video ads insertion when it comes to scripted series or reality TV.

With the automated dynamic ad insertion tool, you can now choose the best place for ad sequences automatically. No need to have human editors spend their time setting the ad breaks.

Here’s the thing: the platform understands the context of the video content to learn exactly what ad would be the most appropriate at a certain moment. We apply dynamics and relevance analysis and pattern analysis to place relevant ads in a way that does not break the story flow.

That is how you kill two birds with one stone: you keep the viewers on the edge of their seat by pausing a show at the best moment, and you present them with relevant native video advertising that they might be interested in.

Benefits of dynamic ad insertion

Got it: the tech is there to help you put the native video ads where they matter the most. But where can we go from here?

Let’s dive a little deeper and see what dynamic ad insertion brings to the table to take your advertising to the next level.

Ad switch

You can use the tool to completely customize your ad campaigns to cater to the widest audience possible. Change native video ads to those relevant, make sure that they scratch the itch of the viewers at the right time — all of the tools are here for you to be the most effective.

You can get a better understanding of the results by looking at this video. The tool manages to recognize the theme of the movie and offers sports-related ads to the viewers.

Ad skip

If there are ad sequences edited in the broadcast, you can rely on Cognitive Mill™ to identify those ads and skip them, leaving you the room to insert your advertisement at a more appropriate moment.

Ad skip provides you with something other than viewer irritation.


Scale the native video ad content over thousands of minutes of video — cover your broadcasts, TV series, movies, talk shows, sporting events, even on-demand streaming content.

You can use the tool to cover any broadcast, streaming service, OTT platform, and any other source of video content.

Unimportant content detection

One of the best places to have your viewers engage with native video advertising is when there is something not important playing on the screen. Those can be half-time interviews, end credits, or openings — this way you won’t irritate the viewers by interrupting the main show.

Social media sharing

It’s best to have your ads the best reach possible. That can be done by rolling them across several platforms with the widest audiences — like social media. And to get the best reach on mobile-centric social media, you will need to adapt your native video ads to look the best on a smartphone screen.

Optimize your promotion with Cognitive Computing!

And you do have the tool to crop your ads from landscape to portrait aspect ratio automatically with Cognitive Mill™. The tool keeps the most important parts of the scene in focus so that the viewers get the vertical ad of the best quality.

Expand your campaign across other platforms to improve its efficiency.

Banner ad placement

The deep visual analysis enables you to insert banner advertisements where they do not block any important content on the screen. Keep the viewers engaged with the video content and present them with banner ads when they matter.

Empower your native video advertising with advanced technology

Dynamic ad insertion brings in a lot of freedom in terms of native video advertising for broadcasters, telecom companies, OTT platforms, MAM companies, and ad management platforms.

With native video ads being presented to the viewers at the right time, you are able to get the most out of your ad campaign and not frustrate the audience by not interfering with the content they enjoy.

Cognitive Mill™ enables you to go even further. You can take advantage of other products provided by CognitiveMill™ to expand your reach across multiple platforms — for example, adapt your native video ads to portrait aspect ratio and automatically push them to social media.

If you are interested in stepping your native video ad game up — drop us a line at support@cognitivemill.com or fill in the contact form below. We will answer all of the questions you might have, discuss the cooperation terms, and set you up!

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