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Broadcast Overlay Detection Tool

Our AI-based tool detects repetitive moving graphics such as brands, logos, ads in TV broadcasts and sports media events. It is done completely automatically so your editors can busy themselves with creativity.

Leverage the ready-for-integration API to scale your production with meaningful automation.

Our Graphics Detection AI Service finds repetitive moving graphics such as brands, logos, ads in TV and sports media events.

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Computer vision-based moving overlays detection

For the precise sports and brands graphic detection during a broadcast, we leverage computer vision algorithms aimed at finding graphic overlays. Our AI-based stream monitoring tool makes it easy to detect all the needed broadcast overlays. What you get is automated ad detection, opening and closing segments detection, sports replays detection, and more to automate and scale your production.

Opening and closing transitions detection

With our AI-based visual stream monitoring tool, you can detect the opening and closing sequences for any TV show, sports event, movie series, and more. We use computer vision and moving graphics dynamic analysis to achieve its most accurate detection.

You can detect moving graphics in broadcast streams to either cut it out or decide how to take advantage of it. For instance, by putting a skip button there or by replacing a sequence with something more relevant.

All this is fully automated by AI and helps you to achieve unseen live production automation and cut manual effort and costs.

Sports replays sequences detection

Experience AI-based sports replays detection for any kind of moving graphic images. Leverage our logo and replays detection tool for all the popular sports leagues and worldwide events ensuring highly accurate sports graphics detection.

Automatically detect sports replays in a broadcast to scale your live production automation. You can compile all the detected replays in a highlight reel in mere seconds to push it to social media instantly.

Our computer vision algorithms and moving graphics dynamic analysis are here to help you make the most of your sports stream.

In-stream ad detection

Our broadcast visual monitoring tool allows for precise and safe ad detection. By applying the computer vision mechanisms and geometrical assessment, you can scale your live production workflows.

For example, you can cut in-stream ad units or replace them with more relevant ones. Frame-precise ad replacement can help you with most of the broadcasting to various locations.

Static broadcast overlays detection

Easily detect broadcast overlay images, such as scores on a live stream, time countdown widgets, team members’ names, and many more. Our reliable highly-accurate broadcast overlay detection tool will scale your production tenfold by meaningful workflow automation.

Enhance video content post-production with automated data retrieval.

Get the most value from automated broadcast overlays detection

Automatically detect the replays enclosed in animated broadcast overlays
Leverage unmatched storytelling capabilities
Boost live sports production by meaningful automation

How CognitiveShapes works

In some cases, AI becomes redundant or needs too much training for a particular recurring graphic event

We apply geometrical assessment and computer vision where neural networks don’t work well enough

What you get is a super-fast result with near 100% accuracy and highly scalable processing capabilities

Flexible and highly scalable cloud system capable of automating your content post-processing

Live and on-demand video

Detect ads and non-game moments enclosed in branded animation, custom opening graphics, and other widgets in both live and on-demand formats

Highly adjustable graphics detection

It takes only several minutes to adjust the platforms to the new moving graphic. The precision is guaranteed after that

Precise shapes with the highest accuracy

Leverage our geometrical assessment of graphics when the accuracy is of the highest importance

Rapid integration

CognitiveShapes™ can be integrated into your workflows via API that is thoroughly documented by our team. If you want to try the platform beforehand, just sign in to the demo account

More than just neural networks

Where neural networks fail to complete the task of detection, computer vision algorithms and math calculations never fail

Cognitive products suite

CognitiveShapes™ is not just a standalone product but rather an integral part of the CognitiveMill product suite. Feel free to pick the solution that is best for you

Our broadcast overlay detection tool is ready to deliver!


Leverage the precise computer vision-based detection by CognitiveShapes™ to scale your dull production workflow. Spare your editors’ time by letting the AI spot in-stream ads, sports replays, scoreboards — any broadcast overlay at all.

OTT Platforms

Let your viewers decide what to do with the ads, replays, and opening/ closing sequences that they don’t want to spend time on. Place the “skip” button where CognitiveShapes suggest and experience a retention upsurge.

Sports Leagues

Replays of the best game moments are detected automatically by our computer vision-based moving overlays detection solution. You can enjoy them without spending vast amounts of time on the post-production of sports footage.

MAM Companies

Find the pieces you need by detecting moving broadcast overlays. Our tool can spot all the opening and closing graphics, as well as replays, ads, and so on. Scale your delivery pipelines with AI-based automation.


With our easy-to-use and elegant solution, your editors won’t spend their precious time on opening and closing graphics detection. The precision of the operations delivered by computer vision is guaranteed by our engineers!

Betting companies

Detect sports replays automatically by leveraging our broadcast overlay detection system. Let the betters enjoy the most amazing game moments. Our precise computer vision-based tool will save you up to 50 times more time that can be spent on something more important.

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