Automated Trailer Generation Examples

Leverage completely automated trailer generation by CognitiveReelz. Cognitive computing enables an accurate and precise understanding of context. It imitates the human perception of the most important scenes that can be compiled into a trailer.

Get thousands of minutes of video processed in minutes. Create trailers for TV shows and movies to promote the content library and provide a fully-featured viewing experience.

Take a look at the automated trailers

Automate your video production process with human-like perception but 10x the speed and consistency. No additional meta-data is required.

Silicon valley episode

Our automated trailer generator works with video content of any genre and duration. Comedy series, action movies, talk shows, animation, even sporting events — we got it covered.

Silicon valley another episode

The technology decomposes the visuals of the scenes to figure out what parts may be the most thrilling and important to the viewer. Then it cuts the scenes and compiles them into a trailer in minutes.

Squid game

Quickly make a trailer of the newest TV series to draw attention to your OTT platform. Get hundreds of minutes of video analyzed and cut into a trailer with no effort whatsoever.

Sex and the city episode

Human-like context understanding is provided by the cognitive cloud computing platform. But none of that “mistake” stuff humans sometimes make.

Sex and the city another episode

Put out teaser trailers for the upcoming episodes of a series or promote the whole show. You can make trailers for the whole content library in the shortest time.

Supernatural episode

Spare your editors the efforts of sitting through hundreds of hours of footage. Setup the platform in minutes and get the results immediately.

Westworld episode

Seamlessly integrate the platform into your pipeline. There are no third-party apps to jump between, no UI to tinker with.

The morning show episode

Customize the parameters to your liking to get the trailer you want. Instantly share them on social media to get the hype up.

The good doctor episode

The platform does not require additional metadata to create trailers. Get the most value for your business with brain-inspired computer vision technology.

Stranger things episode

We utilize scene-level visual analysis to find the parts of the footage most worthy of a trailer. Be sure that none of those scenes will be lost.

The queen’s gambit episode

Automate your video production process to dedicate valuable resources to less mundane tasks. Be on top of the streaming game with the best content.


Get trailers for movies, TV shows, sporting events, or talk shows generated in just minutes. Integrate the solution into your video production process for the best productivity.

Forrest Gump long version

Get a trailer cut for up to 5 minutes from several hours of footage. The platform can be easily adjusted for any type of video content.

No time to die

Now every content you have in your library can have a trailer of its own. Get the platform set up and have all of the necessary trailers generated completely automatically.

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