CognitiveReelz™ News

Cognitive computing-based tool designed specifically for TV news summarization. It doesn’t require any additional training or data sources except for the footage itself. As a result, you get both a short video trailer and a text summary with the most important and condensed scenes and information.

Automated TV news summarization tool

Video summary

Get a condensed video summary fully automatically at the click of a button. Our system uses advanced cognitive computing-based algorithms that allow for a human-like level of content understanding. Your editors receive a perfect bite-size video trailer instead of going through the whole extensive video library.

Text summary

This powerful feature offers a brief and eloquent textual summary of a video story with a strong emphasis on context. The main actors and notions — as well as the gist of a story — will be covered in a textual description delivered by our system. All this fully automatically.

Topics list

The system delivers a list of topics and corresponding keywords that complement them. You can choose from a pre-defined topics list inbuilt into our platform or replace it with your own. The system will then pick a matching topic with a probability of over 99%. Benefit from automated sorting with the help of our AI!

Entities and keywords

In the data that is delivered after video analysis, you’ll receive the names of people, geographical and cultural notions, sporting events, companies, and everything that constitutes the proper name category. This feature will make it easier to label and filter news episodes fully automatically.

Product-based solutions

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